Dansens Hus Oslo - National stage for dance, Oslo 2020

Dream is a family show for children from 4 years and up. The performance “Dream” is based on a preliminary project carried out in several preschools, schools and a senior centre, where both children and adults up to 98 years have been involved in choreographer Inger Cecilie Bertán de Lis’s preparation for this performance.

She wanted to find out what they dream about when they sleep. Do they have a dream they want to share? The inspiration for the choreographer and the contributing artists have been based on and inspired by children’s drawings, conversations and interviews, and together they have created a family show where imagination and absurdities merge into a dream play .

Perhaps the audience can share each other’s dreams and thoughts about dreaming and finding similarities and inequalities, for dreaming is universal. The performance does not try to give an answer to why we dream or the meaning of dreams. Research in this area is still going on; why we dream. Do the dreams we have at night have any meaning?

Do we dream of processing information and different impressions of senses that we experience throughout the day? Or do dreams have no function at all? Maybe we will never find an answer to these questions. Either way, a dream is a fascinating landscape to move in, leaving plenty of room for reflection and wonder.

National stage for Dance – Dream


Idea / choreography / direction: Inger Cecilie Bertran de Lis

Directed / dramaturgy: Robert Skjærstad

Scenography and costume: Bård Lie Thorbjørnsen

Composer and musician: Frode Barth

Lighting design. Daniel Kolstad Gimle

Dancers: Julie Moviken, Oda Bjørholm, Matias Rønningen;

Erlend Auestad Danielsen, Maria Skjærstad-Bertrán de Lis

Production coordinator: Miriam keel

Producer and production: ICB Productions

Co-production: Dansens Hus

Photo: Tale Hendnes / Dansens Hus

Supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council, Fund for Performing Artists


“It’s not the worst honour you can give a performance, that it makes you think.”

“There are a few moments in the show that I really absorb, that stand out clearly to me, that made a lasting impression”

Review Periskop 18 feb 2020

“- the reference language serves as an entrance to contemporary dance for the youngest”

“The performance shows how art can use its own language to interpret reality and the references of reality.”

“Our dreams are not an entrance to the truth of the mind, but can be an entrance into the arts, which is also quite valuable.”

Scenekunst.no , 21 feb 2020
House of Dance