Dansens Hus - National stage for dance, Oslo 2016

Choreographer Inger Cecilie Bertran de Lis uses simple means to create a poetic and magical performance for younger children, incorporating dance, paper, cardboard and shadow play.

We meet a boy full of dreams that he expresses through dance and movement, and by creating his very own colourful universe. His greatest dream is to be as free and colourful as a butterfly.

Sommerfuglmannen (The butterfly man)

We meet a boy full of imagination,
There’s so much he wants to create,
So much he wants to say.
He has a book of dreams,
He swims in a sea of colour
So very fragile, yet so very strong,
He creates a butterfly,
A masterpiece.

by Bertrán de Lis



Idea/concept/choreography/direction: Inger Cecilie Bertrán de Lis

Direction/dramaturgy: Robert Skjærstad

Music: Nils-Arne Øvergård

Dancer: Erlend Auestad Danielsen

Set design/costumes: Gisle Harr

Lighting design: Daniel Kolstad Gimle

Assistant set designer: Jannicke Lie

Assistant costume designer: Andrea Austdahl

Illustration: Gisle Harr

Photo: Kamran Dolati

Production: ICB Produksjoner

Supported by: Arts Council Norway


Vimeo trailer

NRK Østlandssendingen


Akers Avis Groruddalen 8. April 2016 (PDF)

“Immersed in sensory impressions”

“The combination of the recognizable, the abstract and the new seems to keep the children interested and fascinated throughout the performance.”

“The butterfly man at the National stage for dance serves a visual aesthetic experience”

“When the boy finally gets wings and becomes a giant butterfly, the children are lost and enchanted, and there is jubilation when they finally get to run up on stage.”

“Both children and adults can enjoy the solo dancer’s body control, expression, and physical language.”
Periskop, 2016