‘Into a mirror’ is a cross-genre performance that combines poetry, text, and song with dance. Through an interplay of music, movement, text, and poetry, two dancers traverse a musical landscape alongside a singer and two musicians. With a commitment to taking young people seriously, the performance is rooted in a selection of their thoughts and texts generated from conversations, a writing workshop, and an anonymous survey. The performance’s theme revolves around young people’s reflections on themselves, others, and their surroundings. Recognizing the significance of granting visibility and voice to young individuals, the concert incorporates their thoughts, opinions, and experiences, making them integral to the performance.

Idea/Concept, Direction, and Choreography: Inger Cecilie Bertran de Lis

Direction/Dramaturgy: Robert Skjærstad

Composer and Musician: Vidar Løvstad

Author: Hanne Ramsdal. Adaptation of text from conversations, interviews, and writing workshops with young people. All text is anonymized.

Musician: Robert Skjærstad

Dancers: Caroline Hawkins Skjørshammer and Gard Hjertaas Bjørnson

Singer and Author: Tora Ovidia Berg

Lighting Designer: Peder Øyen

Production: ICB Productions

With support from the Fond for lyd og bilde, Fond for utøvende kunstnere (FFUK), Spenn, Viken Municipality, and Bærum Kulturhus.