Dansens Hus - National stage for dance, Oslo 2013

Two bees hatch from their pupae. Their tasks are to clean, maintain, build and defend their bee house. With comedic scenes and Dadaistic sound poems and a pompous, self-absorbed and singing queen bee, the beehive will be the backdrop for some very strange incidents.

Nature, both as reality and metaphor, is a key element

in «BZz BZz – DADA da bee», as a direct metaphor for birth, growth, interaction, and development. Surreal moments are created through visual auditive and choreographic means.

– All the world’s a stage (William Shakespeare)

Excerpt from Østlandssendingen, NRK

Little interview


Idea/choreography/direction: Inger Cecilie Bertràn de Lis

Dramaturgy and direction: Robert Skjærstad

Composer and musician: Vidar Løvstad

Dancers: Hedda Rivrud, Anne Guri Tvedt, Mikael Rønne

Set design: Inger Cecilie Bertràn de Lis and Robert Skjærstad

Costume design: Lillian Baur

Lighting design: Daniel Kolstad Gimle

Set design consultant: Gisle Harr

Production of set elements: Gisle Harr and Anders Hamre.

Painters at the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet:Hilde Dehli and Pia Høgås

Poster: Gisle Harr

Production: ICB Produksjoner

Co-production: Dansens Hus

Supported by: Arts Council Norway, the Audio and Visual Fund and Performing Artists Fund.



Ready for Bzz Bzz-DADA dA bee (PDF)

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“Comedic scenes and sound poems inspired by Dadaistic poetry give the performance character and charm”

“What happens on stage is varied and understandable, and not least fascinating and surprising from beginning to end”

“The dance performance «Bzz BzzDada Da Bee» works for adults and children.”
Budstikka, 2013